I was playing around with lettering for a scrapbook layout that I am making for the upcoming Disney Pixar Blog Hop.  (If you have not already marked your calendar for this hop, do it now!)

Using my Mickey Font Cricut cartridge I cut the capital letter M out in the base cut, the shadow cut and the silhouette cut.  Below is a picture of each cut, and I have labeled under the cut if it is the base cut, shadow cut or silhouette cut.

M Labeled

Now I started to play around with layering those cuts.  First I placed the base yellow cut on the shadow blue cut.


Nice, but I think I want more of the blue showing.

Next I took the center piece of the yellow silhouette cut and placed it on the blue base cut.


There seems to be more of the blue showing with this match up, and it would also save me some space since I would not have to cut all of the letters in a shadow cut.  Also, this then gives me a outline piece of the M left over from the silhouette cut that I could use for something else later on.

Last I tried placing the center piece of the yellow silhouette cut and placed it on the blue shadow cut.


You could even play around with layering the outline from the silhouette cut on the base and shadow cuts.

Which combination did I choose for my layout?  I guess you will just have to join us for the Disney Pixar Blog Hop on September 24th and 25th to find out!

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