Getting ready for summer

The warmer weather is finally coming our way . . . time to break out the flip flops!

And when you do, why settle for plain boring flip flops when you can add your own personallity to them!

 You can buy a inexpensive pair of flip flops . . . I got the first ones you are going to see for just $2.50

Then I cut two stripes of Dazzling Diamond Adhesive backed product three gems wide.  I then did an angled cut at the end so that I could miter the two of them together at the front point of the flip flop.


Since the product already has adhesive on the back, all I had to do is peal off the backing and stick them to the flip flop . . . that easy!


They have a variety of colors to choose from so you can find the perfect color . . . or make several pairs in a variety of colors!


I have a friend who we call “The Bling Queen” and she saw this product and fell in love!  The two of us had a craft day and created some really fun projects that sparkle.  She wanted a pair of flip flops also, so we went to Target and got these plain wedge flip flops.


Then we cut Dazzling Diamond to the width of the bands on her flip flops.  Since there was a nice wedge on the shoe, it was just SCREAMING for us to embellish it, so we added a samll silver S with some dots of Viva Decor.


These shoes went form BORING to BLING in about 20 minutes!

We had so much fun and I cannot wait to show you some of the other projects we came up with!

Dazzling Diamond Rhinestone sheets are brought to you by

The Buckle Boutique

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