A good teacher makes all the difference!

I am watching the Cricut Cards for any Occasion DVD by Megan Elizabeth of Above Rubies Studio.  Megan is such a great teacher!

With Megan’s DVD’s I love that while she is showing you how to create the projects she is also giving you little tips and hints on how to do things . . . even if you don’t make the exact same project that she does you will learn some new tips and tricks you can use for other crafting projects!  So not only am I learning how to make some fabulous cards, I am also getting tips on things like

  • How to make sure your envelops match your card size
  • Making your handmade envelopes easier for people to open so they don’t have to tear them
  • How to get the most cards from your 12 x 12 paper
  • Using the fit to length function on the Cricut

And I have only watched the lessons for the first 4 cards!

If you have not made cards with your Cricut, or even if you are seasoned card maker like myself, this DVD will teach you something and be sure to inspire you!  

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