Gordon Ramsey

My sister-in-law asked me to help her out with a little gift idea she had for a family member the other day.  She had been looking for something with a picture of Gordon Ramsey on it to give to someone as a gift.  The only thing she was finding was cookbooks, and she did not want to get them that.  So I suggested we print out a photo of Gordon on adhesive backed fabric

If you have not used this product yet, let me tell you it is so easy to use and so versatile!  Just place a sheet in your standard ink-jet printer, pick the image you want to print out and hit print.  Then you can cut or trim it with scissors or a paper trimmer.


I added a little message to the photo, to make it look like Gordon Ramsey signed the photo.


It was a great (and quick) little gift, and now they can stick this photo any place they want . . . on a wall, their refrigerator, on a laptop . . . any place they want!

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