Happy 50th Cupcake Wrappers

Not too long ago I showed you some cupcake wrappers I made, where I cut names out of the cupcake wrappers.  I was trying this out to show a co-worker what could be done with the Cricut and let her know that if she wanted to do this for her wedding I would be happy to help out.  If you want to see that post, you can click here.

Well, another co-worker of mine saw those cupcake wrappers and asked if I could do something similar for her friend’s 50th Birthday.  Sure!  I decided to emboss these and add a little ribbon to them.  Here is how they looked laying flat.

And this is a quick shot I took of them once I wrapped them.  I tied the ribbon in a bow in the front, and then left some hanging to be tied in the back after they were wrapped around the cupcakes.

And this is how they looked once the cupcakes were placed inside of them.



These were so fun to make!

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