Harry Potter Pumpkin

Last year my daughter’s school had a project where the kids had to decorate a pumpkin in the theme of one of their favorite books. They call it the Literary Pumpkins. Since the pumpkins are displayed at school, they cannot have a flame inside of them, so some people do not even cut into the pumpkins, they just decorate the outside.

My daughter did not want to use a real pumpkin because she noticed that the real ones did not look at nice once they had been sitting out at school on display for a week or more. So we went to the craft store and bought a craft pumpkin, and she decorated it to look like Harry Potter.


I did sew the sleeve and collar for the cloak, but she did the rest . . . drawing on the face and gluing on the black yarn for the hair. She even used modeling clay to create ears and a hand. Then she went out into the yard and found a stick to be the wand. She used my scrapbooking tools to cut out the circles for the glasses.

The best part . . . since it was a craft pumpkin we were able to pack it with the Halloween decorations and we can put it out every year.

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