Healing, through crafting

Those of you that know me well know that my Grandfather passed away two months ago.  This was REALLY hard for me to deal with . . . who am I kidding, there are still days now when it is hard to deal with.  But I have found that crafting is a form of “therapy”.  Something about using my creative side to take an idea to reality helps to make me feel better.  And when I can craft and create something that is a tribute to a wonderful person it is even better.

Anyone remember the television show “Cheers”?  Remember how EVERYONE would walk in and know Norm?  He was always there . . . with a story, or to listen to your story . . . but when you walked into Cheers you felt welcomed because you saw Norm sitting there and you had to say hi.  Well, my Grandfather was that kind of person to one coffee shop in our area.  At his wake I was speaking with one of the coffee shop’s employees and we were joking that there should be a plaque for my Grandfather over in the corner by “his table”.  Well that gave me an idea . . . 


I took a photo of my Grandfather, and in Photoshop I added a tag with his name, nicknames and the years of his life.  I printed this out on adhesive backed fabric so that it could be stuck onto any surface.  Now if the coffee shop wants to have a “plaque” to my Grandfather up in “his corner” they can . . . and it will not damage the wall.  

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