Hockey Yearbooks

Our daughter’s hockey team does a hockey yearbook each year, and few years I have been asked to put that yearbook together.  Besides my Disney scrapbooks, I think my hockey scrapbooks are my favorite thing to do.  I do the hockey yearbooks using a digital scrapbooking software.


This is the cover I used for one of the yearbooks.  I took a photo of the pucks scattered on the ice while the girls were practicing and used that for the lower portion of the cover.  The large B is the team logo.  I added the lettering with a text tool and even added some “shadow” effect to the lettering . . . this is easy to do with digital scrapbooking . . . just a click of a button to add the shadow.


Another page I really liked was this one.  I got all of the girls to stand in a circle in the locker room and then I stood up on a bench looking down into the center of the circle.  I also had each one of them sign their name and jersey number on a piece of paper, which I scanned into my computer and then was able to pull in to the space above and below the photo to make it look like each girl signed the yearbook.


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