How do you keep track of them all!?!?!?

I have had so many people ask me this . . . how do you keep track of all of the Cricut Cartridges out there, and which ones you own, or want to purchase?

I have an excel spreadsheet that I have created that lists all of the cartridges.  Then I have one column that I enter Have, Want or Don’t Want . . . then when it is getting close to my birthday or Christmas, my husband can just filter it to show just the Want list and he knows just what to buy me.  When I get a new cartridge, I make sure I change it from Want to Have so that I don’t get any duplicates.

I have even started a column where I add which cartridges are retired . . . this might not be complete since I just started doing this, but at least it is something.

Every third Thursday of the month is Hello Thursday, when Cricut announces the new cartridges being released that month, so once a month I have to update the list with new cartridges.

Don’t want to spend the time typing up a list for yourself?  You can download a copy of my list by clicking here.

Now, this list is current up until today’s date . . . January 28th, 2011 . . . any cartridges that come out after that will need to be added to the list.

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  1. Excellent source. This is especially good for those of us that are fairly new to Cricut and don't even know there are that many carts out there.
    Thanks! I downloaded a copy and will start filling in my information.
    As of now the only way that I was tracking my carts was through the ProvoCraft website registrations but that does not allow for registering carts that have been downloaded directly to the Gypsy through on line offers.

    "Happy Parties"

  2. Thank you for this resource. I have been checking them off on a copy of what is on provo craft too many pages. This is great!

  3. There is an app I found to keep track of the carts I have. Well, it's for inventory control, but I found it worked perfectly for my Carts.

    It's called "Inventory Droid." It's for the android phone platform. I have a list called "crafting" & I can break that list down to categories. I scan the barcode & it inventories that way.

    An alternative is a checklist from You do have to log in to access/comment on her blog, though.

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