I might have just found January’s new Cricut release!

If you are a Cricut Fan, you know that the third Thursday of the month is Hello Thursday and when they tell us about new Cricut cartridges coming out.  You can see my blog on the December list of cartridges here.

Well, I may have found something that could be a sneak peek into the January list of cartridges.  There are suddenly some new cartridges on the JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts website.  So that you don’t have to go over there to find them all, I have put them all here for you.

The first one is called All Sports.

normal AllSports FrontCover

The images are really hard to make out, but it looks like this is kind of a re-do of the Sports Mania cartridge, with a variety of different sports.

normal AllSports Page21

The next one is called Florals Embellished, which looks like it has a lot of very detailed and elaborate flower and garden images.  It looks like it could include some words or phrases also, by the information on the lower right part of the front cover, where they show the special features.

normal FloralsEmbellished FrontCover

The last one I found is called Formal Occasions.

normal FormalOccasion FrontCover

From what I can see, it looks like the Wedding Solutions cartridge turned into a full cartridge.

Remember, if your list of cartridges is getting so long that you cannot keep track of what you have, be sure to use CricutSearch.com to help you find what you are looking for.  For example, today I am making a scrapbook layout where I want to use a teddy bear cut, so I typed in the words teddy bear to CricutSearch.com and found 15 different images to pick from, along with a preview of the handbook page that they are found on.

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5 Responses

  1. The only one I don't like is Slam Dunk … I HAVE to have Florals Embellished … maybe Formal Occasions (ok…. who am I kidding? I'll get it!), so I hope they happen! lol

  2. Out of the three, Florals Embellished is the one I want, too! If they keep coming out with new cartridges how am I ever going to catch up!! lol Well, the fun is in the trying!

  3. Hi Shawn! Your post about "SLAM DUNK" reminded me that I promised a friend I'd look for cartridges that might have a gymnast on them, to cut some images for her granddaughter who is newly into the sport. Seeing none on the Slam Dunk file (THANKS FOR POSTING IT!!), I went to CricutSearch.com but (alas) still found none. I typed in "Dancer" and found one that will do if I just trim off the toe shoes on a ballerina. Thank you again for your fabulous resource — and MERRY CHRISTMAS to your staff!!

  4. Ellen,
    Maybe you and I could work together on some blogs about images that are already out there that people can alter to look like the images they are looking for.
    Merry Christmas to you too sistah!

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