In Memory

After my Grandfather passed away, I wanted to make gifts for family members with the flowers from his funeral.  For my daughter and niece I wanted to do a necklace or charm that they could wear.

This was really easy to do.  First I pulled apart some of the dried flowers, and picked out the petals that I felt had the best color.  I placed a drop of Mod Podge Dimensional Magic into the center of the charm and then started to place the petals into a circular pattern.  I used a toothpick to kind of move the petals around and not get my fingers full of Mod Podge.


Once I had the petals arranged, I dropped some more Mod Podge Dimensional Magic on to the top of the petals.  This really made them shimmer and shine!  Once the Mod Podge dried I would see if there were spaces I felt like I needed to add another petal or more Mod Podge.


Now my daughter has a charm that she can add to a necklace or hang on her bulletin board that will always be a special memory of her Great-Grandfather.

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