Iron on vinyl on a mug

Let’s talk about personalizing coffee mugs.  I was all excited to try some heat transfer ink pens that I got on Amazon with my mug press.  I tried them with regular copy paper (per the directions on the packaging) and with some sublimation paper I had samples of.  Neither one worked so I am going to have to go back to the drawing board on the pens.

Then I did a search for information on using iron on vinyl on coffee mugs, since I had plenty of iron vinyl in the house.  I found several people that had tried it, and it worked so I thought what the heck, it can’t go any worse than the heat transfer ink pens I used.


Here is what I really liked about using the iron on vinyl for the mugs . . .

  • You don’t have to have perfect coloring skills, like you need with the ink pens
  • You don’t need heat resistant tape to stick and hold the design on the mug since the carrier sheet for the iron on vinyl is already sticky

I cut the image with my Cricut on the iron on setting.

I used my PlanetFlame mug press which can be found at

I pressed it at 360 degrees for 190 seconds.  Remember to use a towel or hot pad when you remove the mug from the press.  It will be hot!


One I took it out of the press, I let it cool completely before removing the carrier sheet.  The slight purple bleed that you see under the image is left over from my attempt at the heat transfer inks.


I would hand wash a mug with iron on vinyl on it, because the heat of the dishwasher could re-activate the vinyl.  This is also why I recommend air drying shirts with iron on vinyl on them.

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