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One way to get your blog in front of more people is to list yourself on Blog Directories.  One of the ones that I am listed on is the Cricut Top 40.

One thing that is really fun about this directory is that when you list your blog you get a button to display on your blog.  There is special HTML coding inside of that button, so as your traffic goes up you can see your ranking on the Top 40 list as compared to other blogs that are listed.  If you are in the top 40, your current ranking number shows up inside the circle on the button . . . if you are not in the top 40 for the day, the circle disappears from the button.

Normally if I have a fun new project on my blog, or some event I am promoting, I see my ranking numbers rise through the day.  But imagine my surprise when I came to my blog this morning to see this . . .


That’s right . . . I am #1 on the Cricut Top 40 currently!  How the heck did THAT happen!?!?!?  I have not even posted a new project for a while!

So I took a look at my traffic and stats for the day . . . and I can clearly see I am getting a HUGE amount of traffic from a link.  This is another place that I have my blog and projects listed.

Traffic 01052017

I am so glad I have made the connections with companies like and had the opportunity to share my crafts with so many people.  Hopefully 2017 will be more of the same!

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