Look what my husband made for me!!!!

OMG!  I am so happy!  I have been wanting some of those stackable craft paper storage cubes for SO LONG, and when I showed one to my hubby he said “I could make that.”  Well, he did . . . ONLY BETTER!

scrapbook paper storage

I now have a scrapbook paper TOWER! Each slot is gives me about 2″ of space, and I am so excited that I can now re-organize my paper. The storage system I had before was great when I had a smaller paper stash, but as the stacks got bigger some of the paper would get damaged when it would hit the “lip” of the trays in the OLD storage system . . . but not anymore! Open slots and enough of them that I can divide things up into more than I used to. Currently I sort by color, but now I can sub-divide that by solid and patterned.  And I purchased some clear plastic storage folder by Recollections, and I plan to use these for the smaller “scrap” size pieces, that way I can still keep the red scraps with the red full sheet papers, but they will not get all mixed up, damaged or lost.


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  1. Your paper tower looks great! Your DH did a wonderful job on it! Have fun getting your papers organized and into it.

  2. Hey would you like to send your husband my way lol or ship a paper storage system to me!! This is amazing tell him he did a great job. I really need to get me one ( husband and storage system)Have a Great Day

    Getting Cricky DT Sister

  3. Shawn you are so blessed. I want something like that but my husband just keeps saying you've already taken a big chunk of the living room and there is no more room. I'm gonna have to wear him down. My husband has the skills to make this for me too, including the wood already. Now, I'm a woman on a mission. Thanks for sharing.

  4. EEEEEK! I am now officially in love with your husband. Not only supports your Cricut obsession but is a BUILDER too!!?! You've got to be kidding me, right??! I'm going to trade in my husband soon, as he won't even help me make 30 snowman hats for my grandbaby's birthday favors!! GEESH!! He is obviously no good, for he can't even tell me which of two cards he likes the best. AND WORSE, he'll occasionally comment positively about one of my scrappy friends' projects, and not mine???!

    I'm trading him in, that's it.

    And yours is cute too. Can I take your daughter too, oh, and YOU!? That's it … I'm moving into your house.

    Your Sistah, Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

  5. make sure the light doesn't hit the paper, maybe put a fun sheet on top that you can drape down when you aren't crafting. I had a father that could do things like this, sadly he died before I was a crafter so no help in the craft room 9and I miss him). Love that your husband did this for you.

  6. Great paper container, do you have any measurements for making one? Would love to have my hubby try and make one for me. How did your husband anchor the shelves, not sure I can tell that from the picture. Thanks for any help you can give me.

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