Looking back . . . and FORWARD

I was sitting here thinking about how long it has been since I crafted.  I cannot even REMEMBER the last time I was creating something!  So I started to look back at my blog . . . on May 25th I posted about the fact that my family was getting ready to move, and I had to pack up my entire craft room so that the room was an extra bedroom for showing the house.  Here is that post.  Here is the post later that day showing my progress in cleaning up and packing.  So, since today is September 23rd, that means it has been almost 4 MONTHS since I have had my craft room!

It was supposed to be a short process . . . pack up the room, put the house on the market, sell the house, move and have the new craft room all set up before school started.  Well, here is how things REALLY went . . .

I packed everything up, and a couple of days before we were due to go on the market someone wanted to have a pre-market showing.  They made an offer, which we accepted and things were moving forward.  We found a house we really liked, and we made an offer . . . it was looking like we were going to move July 17th.  YEAH!!!!  Well, not so fast!

Then the rain storms of June 2014 came along.  We got a TON of rain in a matter of 3 days.  Houses that never had a flooding issue were getting water in the basement.  We also got water . . . LOTS of water.  There was not a dry floor surface in the basement.

After going back and forth with us, the buyer decided to back out of the offer.  We then had to repair the basement, including installing drain tile and a sump pump and get it ready for a NEW buyer.  Oh, and we had to talk the seller of the house we wanted to buy into waiting for us to sell our house again.

So fast forward to today . . . repairs are done, house is sold, we are in the new house.  An extra “perk” is that the owner of our old house is a Disney fan.  She said she was sad to see that I took down the Mickey Mouse saying from the room that used to be my craft room.  I told her I could make her a new one.  🙂

And now, I have to start to make plans for MY new craft room.  Don’t worry . . . I will post photos when I have them.  I am also getting ready for a blog hop in November.  I will be a part of the Handmade Holidays Blog Hop.  I cannot wait to show you what I have planned for this!

Then, after that it will be time to get ready for CHA 2015!  

I will be at The Buckle Boutique Booth – # 2535

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