Loom Knitting

I just finished my first loom knitting project.  This was so much easier to make than I thought it would be.


I used the new oval loom, in the kit pictured below.  This product is from LeisureArts.com

This kit comes with two oval looms, a hook/stitching tool and a book with instructions on how to use the loom as well as patterns for 7 projects.


As you go through the book each pattern will tell you the skill level.  Since I have never knitted before, I decided to start with the very first project in the book . . . a basic hat with a rolled edge.

Not only are the instructions in the book easy to follow, but the loom itself is so light and easy to hold onto, which makes this a great kit for a beginner.  The pegs on the loom have a slight indentation on the side, which is perfect for sliding the hook into when you are working the stitches.  And speaking of the stitches . . . will you look at how PERFECT they turned out!  I cannot believe how easy this project was!  The whole project went really quickly also.  I made this hat while watching television over the weekend.


If you are looking to try loom knitting, I would highly recommend this kit.  You can click on the button below to purchase one for yourself.  In no time at all you can be making knitted projects for your friends and family.

The Ultimate Oval Loom 2


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