Love Subway Art Card

I decided to to a project I have been wanting to try for a while . . . Subway Art.  I started by grabbing all of my stamp sets and pulling out any words, phrases or images that might work for a  love theme.


Then I stamped the words I liked onto some scrap paper. I did not worry about getting really good clear impressions since I was only going to be using these to help me layout my project.


Then I cut all of those stamped images/phrases out so that I could move them around on a piece of paper and play with some different ideas and arrangements until I found one that I liked.


Now that I had an arrangement I liked, I could arrange the stamps on a card, with a center frame lightly drawn in with pencil so I could keep all of my images inside this fixed boundary.  How did I decide how big to make this framed off area?  I had already cut a frame image that I wanted to use for the finished project, and this penciled area is the same size as the inside of that frame.  I did not want to stamp all of the words on here and then find that some of them were covered by the frame I wanted to add.


Now I just took my clear stamp block and placed it on top of all of the clear stamps, pressed and poof! All of the stamps were on the block in the arrangement I wanted and I know the spacing will fit the finished project perfectly!


Ink them all up at once and stamp the words and phrases.  Then I marked up the two heart images I wanted to use with a marker and stamped those onto the card.


I then added a frame that I cut and embossed to create the finished project.


Not bad for my first shot at this kind of card.

For this project I used

Cuttlebug folder Victoria

K Andrew Designs stamp sets Scripture Sayings, Owly Hoo, Crafty Friends,Winter Wishes and Fall-o-ween

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