Magic Marble Monday – Ornaments

Thanks for joining us for another Magic Marble Monday!

What is Magic Marble?

It is a paint that you can use to decorate SO MANY THINGS!  If you want to see all of the things my daughter and I have been decorating, just click HERE.  The paint is easy to use . . . start with a bucket of water, pick the colors you like, put a few drops of each color in the bucket, use a stick to swirl the colors together and then just dip the item you are decorating into the water . . . that is it!  The paint really does the work for you.  It starts to swirl itself before you even run the stick through it . . . sometimes you don’t need to really use the stick that much.

Since we had so much fun with the Christmas ornament project we did a couple of weeks ago, we decided to make some more.


I really like the way the turquoise, pink and white color combo turned out.


This orange, red and yellow one kind of reminds me of outer space . . . like a planet.  That could be another good use for Magic Marble paint . . . create a solar system to hang in an space themed room!


This one was red, green, light green and white, and when we went to dip it my grip on the ornament slipped and it dropped into the paint and kind of rolled around on the surface, but we still wanted to show it so you could see the look that you would get even from a “mistake”.


This last one my daughter wanted to do for my husband.  Black, red and white are the school colors for the college he went to.  Purchasing paints in the colors of a school or favorite team is a great way to make custom gifts for people.

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