Magic Marble Monday – Ornaments

Thanks for joining us for another Magic Marble Monday!

What is Magic Marble?

It is a paint that you can use to decorate SO MANY THINGS!  If you want to see all of the things my daughter and I have been decorating, just click HERE.  The paint is easy to use . . . start with a bucket of water, pick the colors you like, put a few drops of each color in the bucket, use a stick to swirl the colors together and then just dip the item you are decorating into the water . . . that is it!  The paint really does the work for you.  It starts to swirl itself before you even run the stick through it . . . sometimes you don’t need to really use the stick that much.

After a co-worker of mine saw the ornaments that my daughter and I created, she wanted to do some with her daughter.  I went over to their house at her daughter’s birthday party and each girl at the party got to pick what colors they wanted on their ornament and then we created these . . .


I had to leave before the ornaments were TOTALLY dry, so that is why you see some droplets still on them.  The girls loved that they got to pick the colors and watch the paint swirl.


We also did some picture frames which I will show off next week.

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