Magic Marble on adhesive backed fabric!

The other day I showed you a few videos from the recent Craft and Hobby Trade Show Event in Las Vegas.  If you missed them you can go HERE.

One of the products that I talked about was Magic Marble.  This stuff is so fun!  Pick your colors, drop them into the water, and dip anything you want to color.  We tried it with adhesive backed fabric, and it worked so well!  Bright and beautiful colors all swirled around.  And the colors stayed on the adhesive backed fabric because it is a FABRIC not a vinyl.

Here is a photo of the sample piece once it dried.


Now I have a swirled piece of adhesive backed fabric that I can stick to anything, remove and stick again and again!

And the backing sheet also took on the same swirls, so if I wanted to I could use that like  piece of cardstock for a separate project.

Once I have time to create something with it I will show it to you.

What would YOU make with this?

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