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I am so happy to be sharing this post with you today!  I recently discovered the Roeda Studio and their product line.  They have a line of frames, bulletin boards, dry erase boards, easels and magnetic shapes to embellish them all.  This allows you to build your own customized look for your home or for gifts.  What this video for some examples.

I really like their These United States Collection, which is made up of memo boards shaped like all of the states.  This would be a really cute wedding gift for two people board in different states . . . how cute would that be on the wall to have two memo boards shaped like the states they were born in.

Okay . . . back to my project . . .

I have been wanting a memo board for our kitchen for a while now.  I wanted something where I could leave a “to do list” for my teenage daughter, so if she was not up before I left for work she would know that I wanted her to take care of a few things before I got home.  I also wanted to use this for a way to remind all of the family of the errands we might have to accomplish over the weekend.

My family had been using post-it notes for this, but depending on where you put the note, it may not be seen by everyone.  Also, due to the size of the post-it notes there were times that I had to use 2 or 3 for all of the items I needed to list.

Now our family uses the Roeda Studio Dry Erase To Do Board!


First, it was SO EASY to put up on the wall in our kitchen.  Just 2 nails . . . done.

Second, the words “to do” are cut out of the board at the top.  I think this is a great idea, since it allows the color of the wall behind it to come through, so this board will match ANY decor for ANY room of your house . . . the color of the words IS your wall!

Third, the board has a lot of space so I can write messages or even put up an invitation to a family member’s wedding.  This is nice since we all have gotten invitations that have gotten lost in the pills of papers on the desk or the counter.  This way the invitation is up on display.


Fourth, the flowers and butterfly that you see on this board are all magnets.  I can get different ones to match my decor or the seasons/holidays.  I used two of the flowers like the bullet points in front of the different items listed on the to do list. 


Here I simply changed out some of the magnets, making the butterflies the bullet points and put more flowers around the wedding invitation.  You could also display birth announcements . . . which would remind you to send a gift for the new baby.  A family photo or vacation picture would look nice here also.  Since it is all magnetic it makes it so easy to change out.


And these little magnets are STRONG!  I know I have two on the corner of this photo, but that is only because I thought the board looked cuter with two.  When we ere taking these out of the package my teenage daughter even commented on how strong the magnets were.  She said “Normally the cute ones are not strong enough to hold anything up . . . they did a good job with these!”

The other thing I like about a magnetic system is that you don’t end up putting holes into your photos with push pins.

Tomorrow I can erase the list and start a new one for the family to get done.  When winter comes along I want to use some snowflakes or snowmen on this board.

Roeda Studio is offering a special promotion for all of you!

Enter the code CraftyChics with your order and you will get a free surprise magnet!  Roeda Studios will pick one of their magnets to add to your order . . . it could be a snowflake, a pumpkin, a fall leaf . . . you won’t know until your order arrives.  It’s like waiting to see what prize is at the bottom of the Cracker Jack box!

So head over to Roeda Studio and start picking out the pieces to embellish your story!

Scroll to the bottom of the main page and you can sign up for their email list.  Don’t worry . . . they only send out a couple of promotions a month, so you won’t get a flood of annoying emails.  

After that, head over to their Facebook page, and tell them Shawn sent you.  They will post a variety of contests and information about new products on Facebook. 

Roeda Studio Website // Facebook // Pinterest // Twitter 


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