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I have had the idea for this project for so long . . . I am so happy to finally share it with all of you.  But first I want to tell you how I found the product being used in this project.

In January my family attended CHA.  While I was working in the booth for The Buckle Boutique, my daughter and husband had a chance to walk the floor and check out some booths.  One booth they visited was the Master Magnet booth.  My daughter even did a blog post about it that you can read by clicking HERE.

Once we got back from CHA I started to think that it would be fun to print a photo on a magnetic surface, to create your own custom magnet board, so I reached out the the Master Magnet company.  It turns out they have a product called FlexIron, which is a magnetically receptive sheeting with an adhesive on it.  I HAD to try this out!  

Here is the finished project.  I used a photo of my children and my niece and turned it into a magnetic memo board for them to give to Grandma for Mother’s Day.


Let’s look at how I did this, step by step.  First I printed an 8″ x 10″ photo of the kids.  Next, I grabbed the FlexIron and cut that down to an 8″ x 10″ size.  I peeled the backing off just a little, and lined up the photo.


Now this way I could peel back about an inch of the backing and press the photo down just a little at a time.  This helps me keep things lined up.  Now I had a photo that magnets will stick to!


Once the photo was attached to the magnetic sheeting, I took a piece of printed cork from DCWV and measured out an 8″ x 10″ rectangle inside the full sheet.  I drew the lines on the back of the sheet so that I could easily cut the shape out and not leave lines on the front of the cork.


Once I cut out the rectangle I had a nice frame to set my magnetic photo into . . . and I can use the cork I cut out for another project.


I really like that the cork sheets from DCWV have adhesive already on the back.  Just peel the backing away and stick!.


For this project I simply stuck the cork to the cardboard piece that came inside of the frame I purchased.  It is a 12″ x 12″ frame.  I removed the glass so that the magnetic photo and cork would be exposed.

Then I place some double stick tape down in the open space and set the magnetic photo inside of it.


Well, my cutting of a 8″ x 10″ rectangle for the photo to set into was not perfect . . . there is a little gap.  Not a problem . . . let’s just cover that gap up with some rhinestone sticker sheets from The Buckle Boutique.

I love that I can use scissors to cut the rhinestone sticker sheets into any shape or size I need.  In a matter of seconds, I had a strip of rhinestones, three rows across . . . and since these rhinestone “gems” are actually a soft material I was able to cut THROUGH them and do a nice miter at the corner.  Just peel off the backing and stick.  What a quick and easy way to add some sparkle, and hide that little gap from not cutting things perfectly.


Here is what the corner looks like once I have placed the rhinestone stickers down.


Same corner, but after the entire piece was inserted into the frame.


OH!  And since the photo is now magnetic, my daughter and I found these cute little magnets that are round dots.  I placed those on the photo so that when the magnet board is not being used, the magnets look like added decoration on the board.


Also, my mother loves butterflies, so I cut a few butterflies using the Hannah Montana Cricut cartridge and scattered those around the image.  They are all cut from a beautiful gold paper from the Gilded Stack by DCWV.  I folded the wings back on this little one so it looks like he is flying right off the page.  This also helped to hide a VERY OLD family photo that was in the background . . . I was not really liking my 80’s hair in the photo, so the butterfly covers that nicely.


And there it is . . . a custom magnetic memo board!  I have some other photos from vacations that we have taken that might be nice to turn into magnet board.  Or cover the FlexIron sheet with your favorite scrapbook paper . . . the possibilities are endless!


I have included links to the products used in this project for you below.  If you like these companies on Facebook, tell them Shawn sent you!

FlexIron magnetic sheet  from 

Master Magnets  Website // Facebook // YouTube

Rhinestone Sticker Sheets from 

The Buckle Boutique’s Website // Blog // Facebook Page // Twitter // Pinterest

Printed Cork and Gilded Stack from

DCWV – DCWV Website // Blog // Facebook // Twitter // Pinterest

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