Make it personal

I like to personalize gifts that I give. Here is a great way to take a simple gift like towels, and make it the gift that people will remember and talk about . . . personalize it!

I have a sewing machine that also does embroidery, so when I get a wedding gift registry I always look to see if they have registered for towels. I can then add the names of the bride and groom. In this case, they registered for a lot of bathroom items that had roses on them, so I knew the accent colors and theme they were going with.


I am thinking about re-doing our bathroom, and since I am a Disney fan I might put a little Mickey Mouse on the towels I buy.  That way I am not stuck having to decorate my bathroom around the colors of Disney towels that are sold out there . . . I can buy any color I want along with any color thread I want and I have my own one of a kind towels.

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  1. I love things that are personalized. These are very pretty & I'm sure will be greatly appreciated.

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