Make a Turkey Cookie Treat

These are a great little treat that you can make with your kids, and give one to everyone at your Thanksgiving celebration.

You will need:

Fudge striped cookies

Chocolate covered Marshmallow cookie treats

(you can substitute a chocolate covered cherry)

Candy Corn

Chocolate Frosting


Using your chocolate frosting as the “glue” attach one fudge stripe cookie to the flat side of the chocolate covered marshmallow cookie treat, so that you can see about half of the stripe cookie behind the chocolate covered marshmallow treat cookie. The marshmallow treat cookie will be the body of the Turkey, and the stripe cookie will be the feathered tail. Allow the frosting to firm up and harden so that the stripe cookie does not slide off in the next step. Attach the “body” to another fudge stripe cookie that will be the base or feet of the Turkey. Then add a piece of candy corn for the head. If you want to add eyes, I would do that with two little dabs of frosting before you attach the head to the body. Using a toothpick to just “dab” some frosting eyes works well so that you can control the frosting on those pieces of candy corn.

This one is wrapped in cellophane to be given as a gift, but you could even use them as place markers for your Thanksgiving meal by adding a name tag to the ribbon.

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