Making Cricut Search Even Better

Since we launched on September 12th, 2010 we have gotten a HUGE response from the Cricut community.  Some of the things that you have asked for, and we have already added include


~ Newsletter Subscriptions

~ Troubleshooting Page

~ A way to say “Thank you” and donate to

Another request, that we are currently working on, is adding the keypad button location information to the previews of the handbook pages.

So, to make sure that my husband’s To Do List does not get too short, I wanted to throw this question out there . . . what else can we do to make even BETTER?  Are there features and ideas that you have that you would like to see added?  I cannot promise that we will be able to add them all, or how quickly we will be able to make the requests happen, but if this is going to be a site that YOU are going to use we want to hear your ideas!

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