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Making Decals with your Cricut

Today let’s look at making decals with your Cricut! This is a great way to personalize things like tumblers. Decals are also a great way to decorate a laptop. You can also use this same method for creating car decals. Today I am going to be making decals with my Cricut to put on a CD cover. I put some old family photos on to a CD and wanted a to make the cover pretty.

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Before you start making decals with your Cricut, it is always a good idea to clean the surface you will be applying the decal to. This help to make sure there is not any dust or dirt on the surface. A small amount of rubbing alcohol will make sure you have a clean surface without leaving any residue behind.

Cut the decal

I started off with some holographic vinyl. I love the sparkle in this! Since my decal is a very simple design, I thought it would be fun to add some extra interest to the project with this vinyl. First I measured the size of the CD case that this image is going to be placed on. This helped me to determine how large to make my design. Then I cut this with the Cricut on the vinyl+ setting.

holographic vinyl

Weed the decal

Next is the process of weeding the vinyl. This is where you pull away and remove all of the parts that you do not want in your final project. This leaves you with just the white backing sheet with the design you cut. For this design that included things like the center of the A and the loop inside the letter M. I used my Cricut weeding tool in order to pick away these pieces.

vinyl decal with Cricut

Transfer the decal

Next, we need to transfer the design from the white backing sheet to the final project, which for this decal is the front of a CD case. You can purchase transfer tape. Sometimes, some brands of transfer tape feel too sticky and seems hard to work with. I have had great success with using clear contact paper instead of transfer tape.

vinyl decal with Cricut

I cut a piece of orange glitter cardstock and placed that inside the front of the CD case. This gave a nice contrast to my purple holographic vinyl, and helped to hide the boring CD inside the case.

Then I applied a piece of clear contact paper over the top of the decal. I typically rub my finger over the top of the design to make sure the contact paper is really sticking to the decal. Some people will rub over the top with the Cricut scrapper or a plastic card.

vinyl decal with Cricut

For this next step I like to flip the whole design over, as shown in the images below. Then I start to peel away the white backing sheet. As I go along, if there are any parts of my decal that are not sticking to the contact paper, I can use my Cricut weeding tool to help get those sections to release from the backing sheet and stick to the contact paper. When I am done, I am left with my whole decal on the sticky side of the clear contact paper, as shown in the image below (right side)

Place the decal

Since the contact paper is clear, it allows me to more easily see where to place my decal. I try to place the center of the decal first and slowly smooth over the whole thing from the center out to the edges. This help to keep your vinyl from getting little bubbles in it.

vinyl decal with Cricut

Next, after you have rubbed over the whole decal to make sure that it really adhered to the project, you can start to slowly peel away the clear contact paper. If any part of your decal starts to lift up, just press it back down or use your weeding tool to help it release from the clear contact paper.

vinyl decal with Cricut

Make sure let your decal cure for 72 hours. There is nothing you have to do for this, except to make sure that it does not get wet and you don’t touch it. This helps to make sure that it is really attached to the final project. There is no need to add any sort of sealant over the top of the decal.

making decals with your Cricut

I have had a decal on my car for almost 4 years now. It has held up just fine through rain and snow. If you are placing decals on things that will be washed, like a tumbler, I would recommend hand washing those just to be safe. I hope this tutorial helped you understand the process for making decals with your Cricut.

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