Many thanks!

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that has helped us to spread the word about our new site, put our button on their site, used the site, contacted us to let us know how much they liked it and provided feedback and suggestions for future features.  My whole family is so happy that all of you like the site so much.

To everyone who has asked how long it took to do this: 

We started in May 2010, and we were working on it until the launch date of September 12, 2010.  Both my husband and I had day jobs, so after dinner we would work on the site for a couple of hours each night.  The weekends were when we really got some serious work done.  It almost became a game to see if we could “top” the number of cartridges that we cataloged the weekend before.

Our son, who has been drawing for years and actually wants to go into some sort of computer animation/graphic design/video game development major drew the black and white sketch for the bug in the logo in a very short time.  It just comes so easy to him.  Then we got him started on doing the colors in Photoshop.

I have to give a BIG shout out to my daughter, who captured the images for the previews.  The handbooks are in pdf files with all of the pages in one big file, and we need each page to be a separate file for this to work, and she did 78 of the over 170 cartridges that are on the site!  She even trained her brother in on how to do it, and was there to “double check” things for me . . . making sure I did not miss any.

And of course, none of this could have been possible without my husband.  He was the one that saw the problem and SAW the solution.  Now if we could just get the same sort of system to help me find the paper I am looking for. (I know I have a paper with clouds on it somewhere in here . . . )  We often call my husband “the problem solver” of the family, and now all of you can enjoy his problem solving skills also.

We will keep you updated both here, and on the Facebook Fan Page for of new features and ideas we have.

Now let’s get back to crafting!

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  1. thank you so much for all your hard work – I was making a banner for my daughter and used the search for pumpkin and ghost and pilgrim hat…. and your hand books are so helpful. I am so thankful for your site. I even screen shots the fonts that I own from your site as a quite capture… so now I won't have to pull out my own handbooks – but just one document. thanks again.

  2. WoW it truly is a family business!! I LOVE your website and this is a cute card. Thanks for all of your hardwork to you and your family.

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