Mickey embossing folder . . . my finished folder

Yesterday I told you about a project idea I was testing out.  I got the wonderful idea to create my own Mickey Mouse embossing folder from my blogger friend Tami.  Today I wanted to show you how mine turned out.

I do not own a Gypsy or Design Studio, so I did my layout in the Cricut Craft Room software.


To line up the Mickey heads like I wanted them I first placed one and made it the size I wanted it.  Then I copied it so that there was a full row.  Then I copied that row down to a second row.  Since I wanted them in a staggered pattern, I then deleted every other Mickey . . . that got me two rows of Mickey’s staggered and perfectly spaced without me having to play around with the spacing.  Then I just copied those two rows over and over until I had my full plate layout.

Then I put the cereal box down on the mat and started cutting.  I used a deep cut blade, and also did mulit cuts to make sure it went all the way through.  I think I did a mulit cut of 4 . . . I did not want any partial Mickey heads!  Here is what the mat looked like when I pulled the cereal box off.


Then I trimmed up the edges of the cereal box plate into a rectangle. I guess if I would have been thinking I could have added a rectangle cut around the whole Mickey layout in Cricut Craft Room and had the Cricut trim this nice and straight for me. Oh well . . . maybe next time I make my own embossing folder I will remember to do that.


I cut a second rectangle to be the back of the plate, and I used painter’s tape to “hinge” my two sides together.  I then closed the plate, applied glue inside the open holes and placed a Mickey head inside the hole.  This allowed me to make sure that when the embossing folder opened and closed all of those little Mickey heads lined up right.  After I would glue in one row I would open and close the plate to make sure that everything was in line and sticking to the back side of the folder.


The above picture shows the first two rows glued on with the folder opened up.  I let the whole thing set for a while to make sure that the glue dried good before I tested it out.  And here is the final embossed paper . . .

MickeyEmbossing Final001a

IT WORKED!!!!!  I cannot wait to use this in a project . . . maybe something for the next Disney Pixar Blog Hop!  Thank you Tami for showing me how to do this!  Just THINK of all of the different things I could create now . . . my daughter would LOVE it if I made a Donald Duck embossing plate.  I have a feeling that I am going to be encouraging my family to eat more cereal because I need those empty boxes to make embossing folders!

Later on I did trim this down so that it was more square.  I had a project where I wanted the Mickey head pattern to run horizontal instead of vertical, so with a squared off folder I could run the paper through in sections in either direction.

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25 Responses

  1. I've been wanting to try to make my own embossing folders, but couldn't think of a material to make them out of. Thank you for such a great solution!

  2. Such a wonderful idea, thank you for sharing this. It really turned out amazing! I can't wait to try this. 🙂

  3. Time saving tip for you….
    Line it up on a card base file then after it cuts you have a folded card with cuts out of 1 side. Without removing from the mat put glue on Mickey heads then fold blank side over and press… Let it dry.
    Now when you open it back up and take off your mat you're done!!! No lining them up, no hinging!

  4. I hope you don't mind, I shared your ingenious idea when someone asked about an embossing folder. I told her she could make her own. Thanks for sharing your idea, it really is a great one.

  5. Thanks so much for the idea! Now I just need to figure out how to use it without an embossing machine!

  6. Did you run the folder through a dry embossing machine it was made? I don't have an embossing machine so I'm curious if there's another way to do it. Thanks!

    1. Yes, after the folder was made I ran it through a Cuttlebug. I have heard of some people that do not have an embossing machine using a rolling pin with embossing folders . . . I have not tried it personally.

  7. I have made something similar using the old "make your own cuttlebug embossing folder kit". They were around years ago.. i cut mickey heads on my cricut out of the material provided and glued onto the folder. yours is definitely a cheaper alternative. those kits were pricey.

  8. I have made a couple of my own with chipboard and also with a DIY embossing folder kit they were selling years ago. Your method looks like it's nice and easy and you got some nice crisp embossing results.

  9. This worked so well. Thanks for the inspiration and guidance. handcraftedbc.wixsite.com/hcbc/home/hcbc-4-thank-you-card-designs

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