Mickey embossing plate . . . a test run

This project made me SO HAPPY!  As many of you know, I am a HUGE Mickey Mouse fan so any time that I can combine Mickey Mouse with one of my other passions I am like a kid on Christmas.

For one of our Disney Pixar Blog Hops my blogger buddy Tami created a project where she had some Mickey Mouse embossed paper.  I saw it and my first thought was “I NEED THAT PAPER!”


So I contacted Tami to find out where she got it and she told me that she made her own embossing plate!  If you want the full details on how Tami did this I am including a link to her blog for the full tutorial.  Basically get some chipboard and cut your own folder.  Since this is something I have never done before I wanted to “test” it on a smaller scale first.  I cut the border image from Mickey and Friends of Mickey Mouse’s head from a cereal box.


I creased the box and put glue on the back of the cut and pressed it down to the part of the box that was folded behind it so that when I opened it up it looked like this.


So far so good. Now let’s make sure it embossed before I go through all of the effort of making one like Tami’s.  I ran it through my Cuttlebug and this is what I got.

MickeyEmbossing Test001

You should have seen me when I took it out of the Cuttlebug!  I was so happy that I had gotten this to work! I suddenly had visions of making a full border like this.  Just think of the Disney projects I could create now!

Thank you Tami for showing me how to do this!  Tomorrow I will be posting my finished embossing plate.

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