Mini Book – Die by Eileen Hull

Have you seen Eileen Hull’s new dies with Sizzix?  For today’s project I am using the NEW book die.

This is a photo of the project example that is on the packaging.  Now for MY VERSION!


Let me show you exactly how I made this.


I started out with a sheet of cardstock that had a denim patter on it, and a little faux stitching accent in the corner.  I picked this sheet specifically for the little accent in the corner since I thought it would look great on the cover of this book.


I cut out the front, back and binding using my Big Shot all from the same sheet of cardstock.  Then I used some light grey cardstock for the pages of the book. 

Fold the pages in half and score them. 

Feed thread/string or even ribbon through the holes on the pages.

Score the binding where it will fold for the front and back cover. 

Attach the front and back cover to the binding with tape or glue.  


Now you can see that I have all of the various parts ready to put the book together.  Now I just have to feed the thread hanging out of the pages through the holes on the binding and tie them off.


That is coming along nicely . . . but you know me . . . I need some bling!  I decided to use the pink zebra print rhinestone sticker sheets from The Buckle Boutique.  One sheet is 10″x 20″ so you get a lot of bling for your buck!

 These sheets can be cut with scissors, a craft knife or even DIE CUT!  They cut so great with the dies from Sizzix and the Big Shot.  I have a video of a past project HERE so you can see it with your own eyes.

I used my scissors to cut a small piece of the rhinestone sticker sheet and placed it over JUST the binding portion of the die.


LOOK at how well that cut!  It even got those TINY little holes!  And I still have enough rhinestones left on the sheet that I could make at least 8 more of these books . . . one sheet goes a LONG WAY!


I had to take another picture of how clean it cut through those little holes . . . even I could hardly believe it!

Okay, now let’s put the bling binding on the book . . . wow, try and say that one 3 times fast!


I like how you can see in the above photo that the die actually cut the rounded corners on the binding.  Yes, you can cut curves THROUGH these rhinestones.

I applied my binding in segments so that I could get things to line up really nice.  I peeled off the backing from the sticker sheet on the first third of the binding and applied that to the book.  Oh, did I forget to mention, the rhinestone sticker sheets already have adhesive on the back.  Just cut and stick.


Now you can see that the binding is stuck to the book, and I have peeled off the backing for the next section to expose the adhesive backing.  (wow . . . bad photo . . . sorry)

DSCN0612 1

After the binding was on, I did add a few extra little rhinestone dots that I cut from the clear rhinestone sticker sheet.  I thought that it added a nice little accent around the faux stitching and in the center of the flower.


Here are links so you can purchase the products used in this project.

Sizzix ScoreBoards XL Die – Book, Passport by Eileen Hll

Pink Zebra Print rhinestone sticker sheets by The Buckle Boutique

Small Clear rhinestone sticker sheet by The Buckle Boutique

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  1. Shawn this is fantastic! I love how this came out. Great idea to cover the binding with bling…

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