Monochromatic Scrapbook Layout

I always feel like I need a theme, color, color combination or some sort of item to be my inspiration to make a scrapbook layout come together.  It helps me to find pieces and elements that work together.  For this layout, I decided to go with a monochromatic look . . . cream colored background and shades of blue.


Now, I knew that I had enough pictures that this would have to be a two page layout, but I only had one sheet of this paper.  So I decided to split it and use only a portion on each page.  I made the split slightly off center, so then it would not look like I was trying to do a perfect center cut and just missed.  🙂


For the next part, the nice thing was that I was able to go to my scraps piles and use up some of those papers.  I cut strips of paper in various shades of blue.  I also cut several butterfly shapes out of the same blue papers.


As I built my layout, I was able to use these strips of paper and butterflies as accents to tie things together.


I also cut the word laugh out of the same blue paper.


See how running the strips of paper from one side of the layout to the other helps to tie both pages together.  The flowers from the main background piece of paper are in the corners of the overall two page layout, and the butterflies are just scattered around.

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