More CHA fun!

Okay, so we got a little goofy with the photos.  Nadja suggested a Charlie’s Angel’s pose.

IMG 0249255B1255D
IMG 0250255B1255D

Then we went to the Hot New products event.  It was so great to see so many people I know!  I think I squealed like a teenage girl at one point!

I thought it would be really great to take video . . . well, now the videos are taking FOREVER to upload!  UGH!

We saw the Bow Genius.  You can make a big beautiful bow in a matter of minutes.

The ToDo is a new product for creating with foil.

The Mint will change the way you think about stamps!  You can create your own stamps!

The Misti is coming out with a mini version.

I did take a picture of Tattered Lace . . . beautiful lacy pieces for food decorating that are edible!

IMG 0252255B1255D

Margot Potter has a new jewelry making tool.  We will have to stop by the booth and check that one out!

I loom can help you to make friendship bracelets.  No need to remember what color to weave which way . . . just follow the tutorial on the screen as you go.

Then we stopped at the Block Party before heading back to the room.

IMG 0262255B1255D

So, lesson learned . . . go with photos tomorrow at the show over video since the video takes FOREVER to upload.  Don’t get me wrong, I will still take some video, but I just will not be able to post those until I am home.

Okay, time to get some sleep.  We have a full day tomorrow, and I have the Blogger Event in the evening tomorrow!

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