More on me and Essure . . . good news/bad news

As I was getting up and grabbing my morning coffee, I was getting ready to post a sad and “poor me” kind of post.  But then I saw something in my news feed on Facebook that made me happy . . . well, a little happier . . .

FDA will consider banning dangerous Esssure device

Click on the text above to read the full story, but in summary it sounds like the FDA is really listening to the voices of the women who have been suffering due to this device.

Okay . . . now about me personally . . .

This week I started going back into the office full time.  I worked a little bit last Sunday in case there was a day that I was too tired or sore to do a full day, then I had a few hours “banked”.  I think that Monday or Tuesday I left around an hour early, so it was good that I did this.  I was listening to my body and when it hurt, I said “I am done”.

As the week went on, I was noticing that I was doing better every day.  YEAH!!!!!  There was one day that a co-worker even mentioned that I was not moving as slow as a turtle any more.  Not back up to my old “Shawn speed” but at least snails, turtles and old ladies in walkers were not passing me up any more.  Thursday we had a training meeting that required us to walk around to look at how some things are built . . . lots of walking and standing . . . and I noticed by half way through that I was leaning on things or needed to sit down every once in a while.  Then the really dumb thing came . . . I was talking with people and was not taking my time going up the steps like I should have . . . went a little too fast I think and I was just out of breath.  Even MORE stupid, since I was talking with people I just kept talking and moving with them, when I really should have said “I cannot do the stairs.  I am taking the elevator and we can talk when we get back up to our desks.” I was not sore, just feeling out of breath, so I figured no harm no foul.

Friday . . . I was tired, but I figured that was due to doing a little too much the day before.  No big deal.  I left work around 2:30pm because Beth had a lacrosse game and a hockey game that night.  While at the lacrosse game I noticed I just could not get comfortable.  I would switch between sitting and standing.  Once we got to the ice rink . . . yes, we went STRAIGHT from the lacrosse game to the hockey game . . . yes, we are nuts . . . the game was at the Blaine Super Rink . . . 8 rinks in one building.  Drop Beth’s stuff off at the rink she is playing at, then she needed a Gatorade so we go up the stairs (no elevator at the end we were at) to the skyway/walkway and over 4 rinks to a Concession Stand . . . back DOWN the stairs to the stand.  Now she has to go back to the rink where her game is and a parent needs to fill out paperwork.  Well, Jeff and I still needed to eat something also so we wanted to hit the main concession stand that has a full dinner menu.  So Jeff goes back to rink 7 with Beth to do paperwork while I slowly make my way from rink 5 to rink 1 where the main concession stand is so I could sit and just wait for Jeff.

I am tired, but not in pain . . . still doing okay.

After we had dinner it was time to walk BACK to rink 7, back down the stairs and find a place to sit.  I had a hoodie on the entire time, but I did not have it zipped up.  Once we are in the rink for the game, I zip up and put on my winter coat and zip that up too.  It was around the end of the first period that I started to feel “weird”.  Light headed, dizzy and like I wanted to throw up.  Between the 2nd and 3rd period when they were cleaning the ice Jeff (who had been standing behind me during the game) sat down and that is when he noticed something was wrong . . . he could just see it in my eyes.  When I leaned back against him in more of a reclined position things got a little better.  I ended up watching the 3rd period reclined back against the side of the bleachers.

Once we got back to the car I THINK I figured out what the problem was!  I was taking off my winter coat and unzipping my hoodie, and that is when I noticed that the bottom of the zippers hit me right at the spot of the lowest incision!  I had 2 layers of stiff metal zippers right at that incision!  Once I unzipped I noticed the dizzy and nauseous feels went away pretty quick .  Jeff said “that is why reclining helped . . . took the pressure off”.  But things still felt sore.

By the time we got home, I was in a lot of pain.  I ended up taking a pain pill.  This is the first time in over a WEEK that I have taken pain meds in the EVENING.  That kind of made me sad.  Felt like a set back.

So here is the part of all of this that makes me REALLY SAD . . . .

Beth has lacrosse and hockey games again today.  First game should be starting any minute.  Jeff knew I needed my rest and that if I was awake I would have pushed myself to get ready in time to go to the games, so he let me sleep.  I did not realize this until I heard Beth said “Time to go!” as she always does when she is ready but one of us are not downstairs at the door.  So now I am home, resting, and missing seeing her play.  Watching her play sports is something that brings great joy to both Jeff and myself, but due to the pain I have to miss it today.  That makes me said.

Also, I was planning on trying to start to wear “real clothes” to work next week, instead of the yoga pants.  Well, if the zipper from the hoodie and the jacket put me in that much pain there is NO WAY I am wearing pants with a zipper any time soon.  Looks like it is yoga pants for another week for me.

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