MORE photos from CHA 2014!

Since I was working in The Buckle Boutique’s booth at CHA, I asked my daughter to take photos of things she saw.  I call her my Personal Assistant and Teen Trend Coordinator.  She has been busy with hockey and school, so I HOPE to get those photos up on the blog this weekend.

I do have one new photo I can show you . . . I covered a Cricut machine with the rhinestone sticker sheets from The Buckle Boutique!


This was SO EASY to do!  I simply took the clear rhinestone sticker sheets and cut it with scissors.  I cut pieces for each section/panel of the exterior of the Cricut . . . almost like making pattern pieces for the entire exterior of the machine!  Since the rhinestone sticker sheets cut so easily with scissors and you can cut THROUGH the gems I was even able to cut the curves around the buttons and dials on the machine.  Then once I had the piece cut to size I just peeled off the backing and stuck it to the Cricut.  One large section covered in rhinestones just like that!

Rhinestone Sticker Sheets can be purchased HERE


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