multiple colors one mat Cricut tutorial

Multiple Colors One Mat Cricut

Here is a fun little Cricut tip that can save you time when cutting an image with multiple layers. This multiple colors one mat Cricut tutorial will help you save time so you don’t have to load and unload the mat several times for one image.

SnapMat Video

The mobile app of Cricut Design Space has a cool feature called SnapMat, which is designed specifically to allow you to cut multiple colors on one mat. It does this by allowing you to snap a picture of your Cricut cutting mat and then align all of your pieces or layers to those locations on the mat. It is easier to explain by video than by words, so here is a video just on using SnapMat.

If you use Design Space on the mobile app, I highly recommend you download my FREE Teach Me Cricut Design Space for iPad Handbook. It is found under the Classes section of this site.

Multiple Colors One Mat Cricut Hack

If you are using Cricut Design Space on the computer version, I am going to teach you a little Cricut hack that will allow you to still cut multiple colored layers on one mat! To start to learn this process I would start with a simple image that only has three or four colored layers in it, like the bird in the image below.

Each color is on a different layer automatically since I found this image in Cricut Design Space. If I clicked Make It right now, the Cricut would sort each color onto a different cutting mat. Now for this trick, which I am calling the multiple colors one mat Cricut hack, I have to trick the Cricut to think that all of these layers are one color!

On the far right of the screen is the layers panel. I want you to click on the tab right next to layers that says Color Sync. I circled it in blue in the image below to help you find it. Color Sync allows you to see what color each part of the image will be cut from.

Cricut color sync

Now you can click on each part of the image and slide them all to one color, like I did in the image below. Now all of the parts of this bird are the same teal blue color.

cut multiple colors on Cricut one mat color syng

Now when I click Make It, all of the different pieces of the bird are on one mat.

cut multiple colors on Cricut one mat

The next step is to click on each piece while it is in the mat preview screen so you can move them. Slide each one into a different corner of the cutting mat as shown in the image below.

cut multiple colors on Cricut one mat

Multiple Colors One Mat Cricut Cutting Mat Set Up

All that is left now is to set up your cutting mat and place the different colors in the spots that coordinate with the different parts of the image. For this little bird, the piece in the upper left corner is the black background piece, so I place my black cardstock there. I want the main body to be teal blue, so that goes in the upper right corner. The white for the eye is in the lower left corner and the yellow for the beak is in the lower right corner.

cut multiple colors on Cricut one mat

As you can see, when the image is small and only has four layers, this makes laying out the placement of the different colors easy. Now when you load the mat into the Cricut it will go to each corner and cut each layer out of a different color of cardstock. That is all you need to do the multiple colors one mat Cricut hack!

cut multiple colors on Cricut one mat

Multiple Colors One Mat Cricut Video

If you would like to see the video of the Cricut actually cutting all of the different colors on one mat you can just click on the video below.

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