My Cut Search – Hide/Display informaiton

I have seen this question asked before . . . how do you know what the symbols stand for on the Pagoda Cartridge?  I have two ways you can do this . . .

First, you can look at the handbook image that is indicated by the circle and arrow below.  On each handbook page with a symbol, there is also a cut with the English word in the spot that I circled and indicated with the arrow below.

Pagoda 1

The second way is to use  There is a Hide/Display button, which I have indicated with a circle and arrow in the image below.  When you click on that icon and display more information all of the info below the handbook preview shows up . . .

Pagoda 2

As you can see, one of the things this will show you is the Keywords . . . these are the words that uses to “find” this handbook page.  As you can see by the oval and arrow, one of the terms for this handbook page is autumn, which is the English word for the symbol shown on this page.

Hope that helps!

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