My Cut Search Tip Tuesday


Have you ever come to and typed in a word only to get no results for that word?  Or when you clicked on the preview it seemed to take you to a totally different, unrelated search?

Well, I don’t get all of the computer “blah, blah, blah” . . . that is my husband’s job . . . but according to him this happens because of internet cookies, and you need to delete your internet cookies.

Side note:  When he first told me that we needed to delete internet cookies, I think one of my kids said “But I like the cookie” in a voice like Hammy from the movie Over The Hedge.  Now every time I tell someone to delete internet cookies I hear Hammy in my head saying “But I like the cookies”.  If you don’t know what I am talking about, you have to watch Over The Hedge . . . here is a clip.

Okay . . . back to Tips . . .

If you cleared the internet cookies and you are still having problems then you should try using Google Chrome. We have found that people have much better results with this over internet explorer.


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