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After my family created we found out that there are actually different versions of some of the handbooks out there . . . it looks like they went back and re-printed some of the handbooks and put more content into the beginning of the books, which then can throw the page numbers “off” . . . something we have listed as being on page 24 could be on page 32 in your book.

The page numbers that we use will always correspond with the page numbers on the handbooks that are posted at the Cricut Handbook Library but we have also started to include a Keypad Button number on our page titles.  I have circled one in red in the image below . . .

KeyPadButton locationintitle

Even if the PAGE number is different for a new printing of a handbook, the BUTTON location you would push on your Cricut Keypad will always be the same.

So, how do you know which button we call Keypad Button 21, for the image above?  Use our Keypad Button guide!


Basically, we started with the first image button and numbered that as 1 and just kept going.  Each cartridge would have 50 buttons.

I hope that this helps you to enjoy MyCutSearch and your Cricut cartridges even more!


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  1. They just won't make it easy for you will they?! Personally, I wish they would put all that "stuff" in the front of the handbooks at the back.

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