My Cut Search Tip Tuesday ~ Featuring Sarah from My Pink Cricut

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The other day I got an email from someone asking me if there was a way to search for just words or phrases on MyCutSearch.  Absolutely!

To do this, you need to use the Advanced MyCutSearch, which you can find in the Main Menu on the upper left hand side.  If you click on that you will go to a new screen and you will uncheck the keywords and check the word-phrase box.  Now type in the word you are looking for.  You will only get cuts that have that word in it.

How is this helpful?  Let’s say you have a friend that just had a baby boy, and you want to put a cute phrase on the front of the card.  If you are using MyCutSearch from the home page and type in boy, you will get every image of a boy AND every word boy . . . that is a lot, and most of them are things you don’t want.  But by using the Advanced MyCutSearch and unchecking the keywords and check the word-phrase box, and THEN typing in the word boy you will only get cuts with the word boy . . . It’s a boy, Big Boy, 100% boy, That’s my boy . . . well, you get the idea.

Here is a GREAT video that Sarah from My Pink Cricut did that shows not only this tip, but some other great ways you can use the Advanced MyCutSearch feature.

Thanks Sarah for such a great video and for showing people how to use the Advanced MyCutSearch for so many things!  Be sure to check out Sarah’s blog at My Pink Cricut.

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