My Cut Search Tip Tuesday


It has been a while since we have had a My Cut Search Tip Tuesday.

Today I want to show you a feature that you might not even know about . . . the Display/Hide File Information Button.

Let’s say you searching for an image, and while searching you find a DIFFERENT image that you like, but you don’t know what it is called.  Example:  I was searching for a frame, and one of the images that came up was the image below.  There is both an framed cut with an oval in the center and a framed cut with a circle in the center.


But what about the Main Image on this page? Some people would say “What the heck do you call that?”  It was not until after my family created My Cut Search that I found out that many crafters call that image a top note cut.  (Side note: I am still working on finding ALL of the top note cuts in older cartridges, since as I did say I did not know this term until AFTER we created the site, so this means I have to go back through cartridges that I thought were done already.)

So let’s say, like me, you did not know this was called a top note . . . how could you find that out?  Or how could you find out what other terms and words I tagged to this specific page of the handbook?

Click on the Display/Hide File Information Button.  It is the one right above the red arrow in the example images that I have shown in this post.  When you click on it to display file information it will look like the image below.

See all of the “extra” information that is listed underneath the preview image now?  It tells you the name of the album (handbook) that this page is from, and if you click on the name of the album it will then show you JUST that album.  This is a great way to preview a full cartridge after you find one image you like . . . this way you can decide if it is just the one image you like, or if the entire cartridge is something you want to add to the cartridges you own.

The line called Keywords tells you what words, or search terms, I entered for the images on this handbook page.  One of the terms is border, because of the cut in the upper right hand corner of this page.  What if you want to know what OTHER cartridges have border cuts?  Click on the word border and it will take you right to that search . . . no need to even go back to the main page and type in the word border!

This is a great additional way for you to explore the cartridges and the images on them.  (it is also a way for you to see if a typo by me could be the reason for a bad search result . . . if I typed in car instead of jar, or something like that . . . and if you DO find something like this, let me know!  I can fix it.)

I have used this when I have seen a project created by someone else and they have listed that the cut is from a cartridge that I do not own.  I can look up the image that they used, and then easily see if there are other cartridges out there that have a similar cut.

Once you are done looking at this information you can click on that same button and it will hide all of that extra stuff, so then you are back to the standard search preview.

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  1. Once again, you guys are the BESTEST! Clear, perfect directions to make our life easier! Thanks for ALL your hard work, I know I love my Cricut, because you make it soooo easy to use the carts. Claire

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