My Junior Crafty Chic!

Even my daughter enjoys being crafty, and I love that it is something that we can do together.


For Christmas she got a kit for a no-sew blanket, and she wanted to start working on it the day after she got it.  Yes, I had to help out with laying out the fabric and making sure the cuts were straight, but she loves that when the project is done this will be something that she can say that SHE made.

If you have never made one of these no-sew blankets, they are so easy!  There are kits like the one that my daughter was given where the two pieces of fleece are pre-cut so that they are both the same size, but if you don’t want to buy the kit you can just go out and buy yardage of fleece fabric.  Just place the two pieces of fabric on top of each other, as shown in the first picture.  If you are buying fabric, you can make them any size you want . . . from a toddler bed size all the way up to a large blanket like this one.  Once you have the fabric spread out I would place some safety pins in a few places to hold the two layers together so they don’t move around while you are cutting or tying the fabric.

In each corner, cut out a 7″ square of the fabric.  So then your overall fabric will look like this . . .


Then, making sure you are cutting through BOTH layers of the fabric, start cutting the fringe pieces about 1″ apart.  I did a quick sketch of how that will start to look once you cut the fringe on the different sides.

BlanketHowTo Fringe

You would continue all the way down each side . . . I was just showing a few cuts on each side for the example.  Then all you need to do is pick up a piece of the fringe and tie the top layer to the bottom layer.  You can do a single or double knot.  My daughter liked the way the double knot looked, so that is what she is doing in this picture.


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