My Memories Suite Tip

I just found out a something about My Memories Suite that I HAD to share with you!

Sometimes when I am working on a digital scrapbook I like to look through several different element folders and just drop things I like onto a blank page like this . . .


Sometimes it helps to get my inspiration going by seeing some of the different elements I might want to work with just thrown on a page, and I can come back and delete things I don’t want to use later.

But what happens if you come back later and want to add MORE of a similar element but cannot remember what folder you first pulled it from?  Or you want to find the matching paper, but again, don’t know the name of the set, so you don’t know where to look.  This is what happened to me . . . when I wanted to find other tags with snowflakes from the same set as the one in the lower left of the page I am showing here, I could not remember WHERE I pulled it from!

I contacted My Memories Support and they taught me this GREAT trick!

Select the image and then press the following command.


When I did this, another little window popped up that looks like this . . .

FindingElements Message

I know it is hard to read here, because I had to scale it down to fit on my blog, but the first line in this message tells me the file path for the element I had selected!  Here is a blow up of JUST the file location info . . .

FindingElements Message enlarged

So now I know that this element was in the Designer Embellishments, under Kid Fun, Winter Frost . . . and I had been looking in all of the seasonal and winter folders . . . no wonder I could not find it!  

I think this is a great way to help you find where things are, since I know I often pull papers and element from all different folders to get me started, and then later on I cannot remember where I found it in the first place!

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