My Most Challenging Scrapbook Project

Last year I did a very challenging scrapbooking project. I was creating Memorial Scrapbooks for two young girls who lost their father to cancer earlier this year. Their mother wanted to a book that both of the girls could keep to look back on their time with their father, but since she is not a scrapbooker and it would be too emotional for her to do this project, she brought the idea up to some friends . . . and they suggested that I do the books for her.


At first, it was very strange to be scrapbooking someone else’s pictures and memories, since I did not have the emotional connection to the images that I was working with. But a strange thing happened while Iwas working on these books . . . I feel like I connected with this family. I got to know them through their pictures and seeing their daughters grow and their family change. By the end, I felt like I had know this family for years . . . and I sort of did since I just spent months looking at the last five years of their life.

I truly thank this family for the opportunity to create these books for them, and to develop my scrapbooking skills by working on layouts that Iwould have NEVER done before. I hope that the girls look at these books when they are older with loving memories, and I thank their mother for allowing me to share in this part of their lives and to share the layouts I created with you through this blog.

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  1. Knowing how much my albums and pictures mean to me, I can only imagine how priceless these are and will be for the girls. What a wonderful thing for you to do.

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