My name is Shawn Mosch . . .

. . . and I think I am a paper horder!

When I scrapbook I often have the television on for background noise.  So the other day I happened to have Hoarders on.  If you have not heard of this show, it is on A&E and it focuses on people who just cannot let go of some things or obsessively purchase items to the point where their house is FILLED with so much stuff!

Now, I am NOT saying I am living in a house like any of these people, but I did discover that I “hord” scrapbooking paper!  I have piles of it . . . organized by color in the closet of my craft room, and even though I have STACKS of paper, when I see that the craft store has those big paper packs on sale I want to go and see if there are any there that I do not have yet.

So, anyone else have something that they “hord” . . . stickers?  brads?  ribbon?  Come on, I told you about mine, now you can tell me about yours.

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  1. I agree! I just love paper..the different textures, designs, colors. I have to periodically roam thru my paper packs to see what I have and am always surprised to see packs that I didn't even remember buying! I almost always buy on sale, love the sales, and I say again,"I love paper!"

  2. Maybe you could start a support group, Shawn . . . Crafters Anonymous — I could be a charter member! LOL!

    ~ Jen @ Musings of a Crafty Mom

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