My new Christmas Tree Skirt!

I thought that I was done posting about Christmas items for the year, but I just had to share the Christmas tree skirt that I just finished last night.

First, a little background . . . I am a huge Mickey Mouse fan, and the first Christmas that I had my own apartment I got a Mickey Mouse Christmas tree skirt.  It was made of red felt with a green ruffle, and it had a large felt Mickey Mouse in a Santa suit on it . . . nothing fancy, very basic, and very low cost since I was on a tight budget at the time.

Over the years as I got married and had a family I always wanted to “upgrade” to a nicer looking Christmas tree skirt, but I also wanted to hold on to the Mickey Mouse theme.  I have looked online almost every year for the past several years for a more classy and “grown-up” looking Mickey Mouse tree skirt, but I never found one that was right.

This year I decided to make a new skirt, so I started looking at Mickey Mouse fabric because if I was going to make a skirt, it was going to be one that I really liked and had everything I wanted in in.  Well, again, my searching was not successful.  I had almost given up on the idea of having Micky on the skirt at all, and then I saw the fabric in the picture below.  It was a simple fabric with colorful snowflakes (which is another thing I love to decorate with at Christmas time) I decided to MAKE it a Mickey Mouse fabric by stamping red Mickey Mouse icons in-between the snowflakes.


I think that by stamping the Mickey Mouse icons onto the fabric myself it really helped to make this a very personal item . . . no one else will have a tree skirt like this!

I used a red satin for the main part of the skirt.  I had always wanted a skirt made of either red satin or red velvet because of how luxurious those fabrics look.  I was also very smart . . . I purchased the fabric after Christmas when all of the winter/Christmas fabrics were on sale.  I used some red fabric from the discount/clearance section for the backing since no one would see it anyway.  I think the whole thing ended up costing me around $30, and that includes the Mickey Mouse stamp and the fabric paint.


Here is what the completed skirt looks like under the tree.


Happy Holidays, and a very Happy New Year!

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