My Personal Cropped Challenge

When I attended the Cropped Event last weekend, I gave myself a personal challenge . . . I was staying at a hotel, and had very few supplies with me, and I wanted to make a birthday card. So my personal challenge was to create a birthday card in less than 30 minutes using just the supplies I had with me in my hotel room.

Here you can see I had one small crafting bag, my Cuttlebug, a paper trimmer, some paper and I also had inks in the bag.


I used a solid color pink paper to create the base of the card, and then embossed it with my Happy Birthday Cuttlebug folder.  I wanted to make the embossing stand out more, so I used some Kleenex and dabbed ink onto the Kleenex and lightly inked the card.


I used a double sided paper to make paper roses.  This is something I have NEVER DONE before!  They turned out cute, but the paper was a little thick so they were bulky and heavy.  I rolled some of them with the blue side of the paper to the outside, and some with the pink side of the paper to the outside for a little variety.  To finish it off I used the Happy Birthday Stamp Set from Megan Elizabeth and Above Rubies Studio.  I am finding that this is my go to stamp set for birthday cards!  


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