MyCutSearch Anniversary Celebration ~ ScrapNTote & ScrapNEasel

I am so happy so see all of the notes from all of you wishing us a Happy One Year Anniversary with

If you did not stop by in the past few days, you will have to go back and check out some of deals we posted as a way of saying Thank You for using our site.  Just scroll back through the posts from the past few days to find all of the great deals.

And today we have ANOTHER great Promo Code for you!  When we first launched our site one year ago, Marlo of ContainYaCrafts was the very first person to contact us about advertising on our site.  I remember that when I read her email asking for our advertising rates I yelled to my husband who was in the other room and said “Hey honey . . . what are our advertising rates?”  Our site had only been up for a few weeks . . . we had not even THOUGHT about that yet!

I now own a Scrap N Tote and I LOVE IT!!! I am almost to the point of needed another one since I only have a few empty spots left. (Hint to hubby . . . a second Scrap N Tote might make a good Christmas gift this year)

And then Marlo came out with the Scrap N Easel, and it was selected as one of the Top 20 Products at this year’s CHA.  Way to go Marlo!

Marlo is offering 25% off BOTH of these WONDERFUL products, ScrapN Tote and ScrapN Easel when you use the Promo Code


Remember, this deal is only on the ScrapN Tote or the ScrapN Easel and it it good until September 26th, 2011 so hurry over to ContainYaCrafts and purchase yours NOW!

Thank you to Marlo and ContainYaCrafts!  You have been with us from almost day one, and we love you for it!


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