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Q: I typed in the name of a cartridge and did not get any results.  Why?

A:  That is because when you use the main search bar on the home page you need to search for an image, not a cartridge.  If you wanted to search for what cartridge has a butterfly, type in butterfly.

Now, if you just want to look at all of the pages of a handbook you can either go to the main menu (left hand side of the page) and click on the words Cricut Cartridges.  This will bring you to an alphabetical listing of all of the cartridges we have  on the website.

If you want to search for a cartridge, you can go to Advanced MyCutSearch and uncheck the keyword box, and check the album title box and then type in the name of the cartridge, or one word from the name of the cartridge you are looking for.

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