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I like to turn questions from people who use our site,, into tips.  I figure if one person is asking the question then others probably want to know also!  Here are some recent ones

Question: I find that after you type in your search subject, it very time consuming to click on every page trying to find your image. Is there a way to incorporate a selection box that would allow you to look at at lot more pages at one time?

 Answer: When you do a search, the first page that shows up should have 12 small preview images on it. What I usually do is read the handbook names underneath those images to see if it is a handbook I even own, if so I then do a “right click/open in new tab” for that image, and then a use the page forward button (in the lower right corner of the 12 image preview page) to go to the next 12 image preview. I continue in this manner until I have gone through all of the pages, and then I will have tabs open at the top with all of the images I want to look at more closely. Then if I don’t like the image, I close the tab to take that image out of the choices I have to look at.


Question: I am looking for a font where the letter is cut out of the center of a scalloped circle shape.  How would I find an image like that?

Answer: Do a search for scallop circle and one letter of the alphabet so something like this 

scallop circle b 

 now the only search results that will come up with have pages with both a scalloped circle and a letter b on the page. From there I could see that The cartridge Storks Delivery and Tie the Knot both have a scalloped circle type images with a letter inside of it.

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