Today I would like to feature a necklace I saw. It was created by Chipmunk Hollow. You can view thier Etsy site where they sell their items at

With fall just around the corner, soon many people will be gathered around the television to watch their favorite football team, and I think a necklace like this would be SO CUTE for your favorite football fan.  (maybe even for a Christmas gift!)

To purchase this necklace go to

Here is a little something from the creator . . .

I have been making jewelry for about 9 years. Originally, I did mostly beadwork, but that was before it became so popular and everyone started making jewelry. About 3 years ago I took a metalcrafting class and was hooked right away.

My website offers unique handstamped, handcrafted creations. My current most favorite pieces are a U. of Wisconsin college necklace with the students name that can be done for any school. My other favorite is in my Sports Necklace section. It is a Minnesota Viking Necklace!

Please check out the rest of her items at and her blogs at

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